From the Collegiate National Director

I’d like to ask a very simple task of one person from each conference; please pass this on to all your teammates.


Every Monday for the remainder of the road season, I’d like to post a summary of the racing action in each conference, wherein a summary is defined as ONE paragraph briefly describing the past weekend’s event with minimal detail (similar to our weekly Development Wrap: and ONE photo. Two reasons I’m asking for just one paragraph:


1.     Cross-conference interest: Very few people have the spare time or interest to invest in reading full-on race reports from other conferences. They will read the blogs and reports of their friends and fellow ___CCC racers, but will most likely only skim the reports from other conferences.


2.     Ease and Promptness: It typically takes a day or two to get a full article together with photos, etc., but this is something you can spit out on a smartphone on the ride home or on the trainer while you cool down after a crit. At most, just 15 minutes on your computer when you get home and it’s done.


What’s in it for you?


1.     Your byline on (i.e. eternal fame and glory)

2.     Some résumé cred

3.     The warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get from helping grow collegiate cycling

4. If you don’t have a full non-collegiate USA Cycling license yet, we will give you one for free. How ‘bout that?


I believe both Velonews and Collegiate Cycling News are still looking for contributors from each of your conferences, as well, so if you end up writing race reports for those organizations, as well, we would link from your paragraph to the full race report on those sites, as well .


If you’re interested please reply to me directly. Thanks!




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