2011 Individual Overall Champions!

The podium in each catagory, congratulations to all of our champions!!! More info on team overalls and D1/D2 overalls still to come.

Men A
Jason Short – Midwestern State
Alexi Martinez – Midwestern State
Shane Haga – Texas A&M
Tony Baca – Midwestern State
Sebastian Wichterich – Midwestern State

Men B
Ricky Randall – Midwestern State
Fidel Goytia – Midwestern State
Shawn Small – Texas A&M
Pierce Young – Texas A&M
Dustin Drewes – Louisiana State

Men C
Michael Sheehan – Texas State
Peter Voight – Texas State
Brian Barrow – Texas State
Adam McGullough – Houston
Tim Drayna – Rice

Men D
Alen Tausend – TCU
Stephen Johnson – Texas A&M
Andrew Stephens – Oklahoma
Zach Sutton – Oklahoma
Nick Blackwell – Oklahoma

Women A
Natalie Klemko – Midwestern State
Claire Routledge – Midwestern State
Loren Eggschwiler – Midwestern State
Irene Hurst – Tulane
Sarah Simmons – Texas A&M

Women B
Ashley Weaver – Midwestern State
Ashlea Britton – North Texas
Lauren Galbreath – UT-Pan American
Gabriella Ruiz – UT-Austin
Afton Shelton – Houston


One response to “2011 Individual Overall Champions!

  1. Way to go MSU. WooHoo Ashley W. you rocked your first race season.

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