Ask a Pro

Ask a Pro with Kristian House:

Who are you, who do you race for?

I’m Kristian House, British rider that grew up in Austin Texas, riding for Rapha Condor Sharp.

Kristian House with his national champion jersey

What are you doing these days?

Well I’m currently sat by a pool overlooking the beach in Tobago. I’m here for an end of season race and a holiday.

Where are you from?

I’m from Canterbury in Kent, live in a small village called Middlewich near Manchester… though Austin Texas will always be home.

Think back to the first time you shaved your legs. What kind of an experience was that for you?

I can remember locking myself in the bathroom and doing it’s very nervous about what school friends / family would say! Though most of my friends were older cyclists, so I was keen on making that ‘next step’ to being taken seriously!

What is the leg-shaving routine like now?

It’s a pain. It’s my most hated thing about being a cyclist. Most of the time now I use an electric shaver.

Have you ever used fake tanner to give yourself an early season warm glow and essential tanlines?

With my skin tone? No.

Chamois Cream: Yes or no?

Yes. Always.

To Embrocate or not to Embrocate.

Really does depend in the conditions. Not so much a fan of just having it for effect. But if it’s cold/wet out, I’ll have it for sure.

What’s playing on your iPod during warm-up?

House winning the 2009 British Championships

I go thru phases, at the moment, LCD soundsystem, Xx, phoenix, gaslight anthem, Springsteen… Other times it Goa Trance stuff from early 90’s.. Really varies..

In Europe, have you ever seen anything riding that made you do a double take?

All the time. Mostly with the fans. Some of the costumes people put on when were racing by are amazing. Some are sick too.. Haha.

What is your favorite race? (In Europe, in the US)

Another hard question. I loved the tour of Texas when it was on. We came over and did the tour of battenkill thus year, I’d like to come back and win that next year. It’s not in Europe, but the tour of japan is one of my favorites! Also the Singapore international criterium is amazing…

You won the 2009 professional British Road Race, what was that experience like beating such a great field?

In a word… Amazing. It’s something I’d wanted for so long, and to win against a field like that was really special. Something I’ll never forget.

Cavendish(Center) and House(Right) lead the field

Describe the feeling you got racing as the national champion, representing Britain on your chest?

Proud. That pretty much covers it all. And to have wins in the jersey was even better..

This year’s national champion, Geraint Thomas, the real deal?

Gez is a very talented rider. Watch that space in the next few years, he’s going to surprise quite a few I think.

Do you prefer stage racing or classics style racing, or maybe even criteriums?

I like bike racing, so for me, it really doesn’t matter.

Any general advice for all those future champions coming out of Texas?

Don’t give up. I’ve been thru a fair bit, and always kept going with alot of support from friends and family. Make sure you enjoy it too, cause it doesn’t last forever!!

Becoming a pro, worth the sacrifice?

Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Where is the racing most fun? (Amateur in Texas, Pro in Europe, Pro in America).

I’ve had fun doing all three, so can’t really say!

Anything Else you want to tell the fans?

Thanks for all your support over the years, I’m honored that there are that many people that follow what I do and want to know about me!

In addition to the 2009 British National Championships, Kristian has won numerous races including:
1st overall 2006 FDB Insurance Ras (UCI 2.2, Ireland)
1st 2006 Lincoln GP ((British Premire Calendar, Linncolnshire, UK)
1st 201o Richmond GP (British Premire Calendar, North Yorkshire, UK)
Numerous stage race individual stages – Tour of Japan, Tour of Brittany, Tour of Southland, Herald Sun Tour


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