Start a Team

“Nothing compares to collegiate cycling… nothing” – Dwight Eisenhower

Be like President Eisenhower and start a collegiate cycling team, it’s easy and free for the first year.

Every rider that competes in the SCCCC must be part of a licensed team. There are two easy steps required to get a team rolling at your school:

  • Get a club started and recognized by your school. Usually this involves having a few members and filling out some paperwork with your club sports/rec sports department.
  • Get recognized by USA Cycling. There are two simple forms you and your school administrators must complete and send to USA cycling to do this:

    For their first year collegiate clubs are charged no fees, but each year afterward there is a $50 fee as noted on the forms to register a collegiate club with USA Cycling.

That’s it! Once the paperwork is processed by your school and USA Cycling, your club will be a fully functioning member of the South Central Conference. Now it’s time to get your riders licensed and out to races, as discussed below.

After you have your club formed, you’re going to want to keep up with the happenings of the conference, for that, you need to sign up to the SCCCC e-mail list server. It is simple… Go to and request to be a member, be sure to put who you are so we know that your not some spambot stealing our e-mail.

Ok, now you are listed as a club and you keep up with the goings on of the conference, come race!!! It is simple, you’ll want to go to and sign up for a collegiate license, it is $30 for a new individual license or if you already have a USA Cycling license, you can add on a collegiate one for free! Ok, say you’re not sure about this whole “cycling thing” well, come out to a race, sign up for a one day license for $10 and give it a shot, I’ll promise you’ll be hooked and when you are, you can get a license on site.

Still have questions? No problems e-mail us and ask away or